Automotive Sensors

Reliable, real-time vehicle sensors
for an uninterrupted drive.

High-accuracy liquid level, position and temperature sensors for vehicle and component manufacturers.

Keep vehicles on the road with continuous sensors, built to last. Our experience engineering solid-state sensors for over 35 combined years has equipped our team with in-depth skills to develop powerful precision measurement instruments.

Reduce the risk of breakdowns and disruption to drivers’ journeys with the assistance of high quality sensors; making the detection of potential problems and maintenance requirements simple.


Accuracy Up to ±0.5%
Operating Temperature -40°C to +150°C
Outputs Analog 0-5V, CAN, Analogue & CAN
Mounting Options 1-, 2-, 3-, 5- bolt, AN-8, AN-10, Custom

Engineered for accurate sensing to keep your equipment performing.

Reliable sensors offer automotive manufacturers improved vehicle performance and minimises the risk of component failure and breakdown incidents.

Reventec sensors have high ingress protection, as standard. We engineer our devices to be durable and to perform across all weather conditions including large temperature fluctuations, rain, dust and dirt.

  • For Luxury Car Manufacturers
    High-end, low volume OEM’s benefit from high-accuracy, bespoke sensors to ensure continuous measurement of vital components including Oil Level Sensors and Suspension Position Sensors.
  • For Commercial Vehicle Manufacturers
    Keep your fleet of vehicles on the move with reliable sensors. Designed for durability, Reventec solid-state sensors allow fleet operators to schedule in maintenance and monitor performance to prevent interrupted journeys.
  • For Vehicle Components Manufacturers
    Deliver value for your customers with an increased awareness of core vehicle components’ performance and usage through real-time sensor readings. Transmissions sensors, vehicle tank sensors and suspension sensors are just a few of Reventec’s sensor solutions.

Liquid Level Sensors

Reventec Liquid Level Sensors benefit from using capacitive sensing technology to measure the volume of a contained liquid. Offering a high vibration-tolerance, our sensors are well-suited for common automotive platforms and are used to measure gearbox oil level and fuel tank liquid level continuously.

Liquid level sensors


Liquid Level Sensors

Capacitive Liquid Level Sensors

Solid-state capacitive liquid level sensors for fuel, oil, coolant and water.

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Position Sensors

Non-Contact Position Sensors

Non-contact TMR position sensors to measure linear, angular and rotary movements.

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Temperature Sensors

Programmable Temperature Sensors

Programmable temperature sensors for high pressure and high temperature environments.

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Have you got a custom
sensor requirement?

Our standard sensors are just the beginning. Reventec specialises in customised sensor design and offers solutions for a variety of applications in any shape, any size and any material. Get in touch to discuss your project requirements.