Capacitive Liquid Level Sensing

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Full Customisation Capability

Our sensors are custom-built and are designed to fit your specific applications

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Solid-State Technology

With no moving parts, our sensors are extremely durable and have a long product lifespan.

Insensitive to Orientation

Convenient placement in hard to reach tanks whilst maintaining advanced accuracies.

Vibration Tolerant

Our technology is well-suited for on-vehicle applications were vibration is common, without compromising on accuracy.

How do Reventec Capacitive Liquid Level Sensors operate?

Two concentric tubes acting as electrodes within a tank are coupled to form a capacitor. The amount of energy the capacitor can store, known as the capacitance, is affected by the volume of liquid. As the liquid level fluctuates, so does the amount of stored energy. The higher the liquid, the greater the capacitance. The lower the liquid, the lower the capacitance.

Fluid Compatibility

Reventec sensors are compatible with all common automotive, heavy machinery and industrial fluids. All of our liquid level calibrations are completed in the specific liquid type that the sensor is intending to measure to achieve high accuracies of ±0.5% of reading.

We have a variety of fuel level sensors, oil level sensors, coolant level sensors and water level sensors available.

Highly Customisable

All of our capacitive liquid level sensors are made to order and are highly customisable to fit a customer’s specific application. Our standard sensors have a variety of mounting formats, sensor lengths and output options (analog 0-5V and/or CAN ) to choose from. Additionally, fully customised designs are available for one-off prototypes and up to high volume requirements. Temperature measurement can be added on select models.

What are the benefits of Capacitive Liquid Level Sensing compared to other technologies?

With a variety of liquid level sensing methods available on the market, here’s a few of the ways that Reventec capacitive liquid level sensors stand apart:

  • Advanced Accuracies
    Accuracy is unaffected by external factors such as vibration and internal liquid movement that may cause inaccuracies in alternative measurement methods, such as Float Level Transmitters.
  • Designed for Durability
    Reventec capacitive liquid level sensors contain no moving parts that may degrade over time. The solid-state design of the sensor and robust construction ensure suitability for harsh environment applications.
  • Convenient Installation
    Delivered calibrated for plug and play installation, Reventec sensors are simple to integrated and can be used in any orientation for convenient placement in tanks whilst maintaining accurate measurement.


Explore our core range of capacitive liquid level sensors.


Accuracy ±0.5%
Operating Temperature -55°C to +150°C
Supply Voltage +6 – +30 VDC
Mounting Options Multiple available
Configurable Length 60 – 700mm
Outputs Analog, CAN, Analog & CAN

Mil-Std EMC Certified

Vibration Tolerant

Ingress Protection up to IP69K

Insensitive to Orientation

Made in
the UK

CE & UKCA Compliant


Capacitive Liquid Level Sensors are engineered for accurate measurement to keep your vehicles on the move.

  1. Solid-state continuous sensor for reliability.
  2. Analogue 0-5V and CAN outputs available.
  3. Carbon-fibre outer layer for accuracy in high vibration and extreme operating conditions. Also available in other rugged materials including stainless steel and anodised aluminium.
  4. Available in 1-, 2-, 3-, 5-bolt, AN-8, AN-10 threaded or bespoke mounting formats.