Capacitive Water Level Sensors

fuel-level-sensorsReventec solid-state, water level sensors use advanced capacitive sensing technology to provide a continuous output of water level. With no moving parts to wear or break, the water level sensors are well-matched for extreme, high vibration environments.

Our water level sensors are compatible with most systems and provides easy plug and play with a range of output options to choose from, including analogue 0-5V, Analogue 0-5V & Switch to GnD, CAN, CAN & Analogue 0-5V.

We have a range of standard mounting formats available, and each sensor is manufactured to the required length. If you have a requirement that our core range of sensors don’t fulfil, we have the expertise to design a bespoke water level sensor for your application.


LS100 Liquid Level Sensor

  • Mount: 1 Bolt
  • Length: 60-450mm
2-bolt mounting sensor LS200-Liquid-Level-SensorLS200-Liquid-Level-Sensor2

LS200 Liquid Level Sensor

  • Mount: 2 Bolt
  • Length: 60-450mm
3-hole mounting fluid level sensorLS300-Liquid-Level-Sensor3

LS300 Liquid Level Sensor

  • Mount: 3 Bolt
  • Length: 60-450mm

LS500 Liquid Level Sensor

  • Mount: 5 Bolt (SAE)
  • Length: 60-450mm
AN-10 Threaded Level SensorLS800-Liquid-Level-Sensor2

LS800 Liquid Level Sensor

  • Mount: AN-8 Threaded
  • Length: 60-450mm
AN-10 Threaded Level SensorLS800-Liquid-Level-Sensor2

LS1000 Liquid Level Sensor

  • Mount: AN-10 Threaded
  • Length: 60-450mm