Innovative Sensing Solutions Designed to Last

Reventec is a UK-based custom sensor design and development consultancy. We harness the latest technologies in our non-contact position, capacitive liquid level and programmable temperature sensing solutions. Our products are designed for high-reliability in harsh environments and are used extensively throughout motorsport, defence, UAV and industrial sectors.


Solid-state capacitive liquid level sensors for fuel, oil, water and other liquids. We provide standard and custom sensor design, built to your length and/or design requirements offering high accuracy and long-term reliability in harsh environments.

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Capable of sensing across large gaps and through aluminium walls, our non-contact position sensors use TMR technology to measure linear, angular and rotary movements. We carry a range of standard sensors in stock for fast delivery.

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Smart, programmable temperature sensors for extreme environments, including high pressure and high temperature to 250°C. Custom-designed to your needs in a range of applications from aviation and defence to automotive and industrial automation.

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Our range of defence vehicle health monitoring sensors equip ground vehicle and UAV manufacturers with real-time measurement of vital vehicle components.

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