Innovative Sensing Solutions
Designed to Last

Reventec is a UK-based custom sensor design and development consultancy. We harness the latest technologies in our non-contact position, capacitive liquid level and programmable temperature sensing solutions. Our products are designed for high reliability in harsh environments and are used extensively throughout motorsport, defence, UAV, industrial, automotive, rail, off-highway, and marine sectors.

Vehicle Performance Sensors

Reventec sensors provide real-time measurement of vital vehicle’s components for real confidence. Continuous performance monitoring delivers serious vehicle range extension, enables vehicle platform optimisation and improves predictive maintenance.

Vehicle Performance Sensors

Full Customisation Capability

All of our sensors can be designed to fit your application.

Real-time Accuracy

Continuous, precision readings with an ultra fast update rate.

Mission Ready

For complete reliability and quick deployment, our sensors monitor vital components.

EMC Certified

Certification to 461F and RCTA D0160F.