Motorsport Sensors

Precision vehicle measurement sensors for powerful performance.

Real-time accuracy.
Real confidence.

Fast reactions, creative thinking and absolute precision are essential in motorsport design and engineering.

Vibration, water ingress, heat and dirt can all cause sensors to fail. A lack of accurate performance data for a vital component can be the difference between winning and losing. Reventec sensors provide accurate data, even under the harshest conditions. It’s the reason why so many Formula 1®, WEC and IMSA teams choose Reventec.

We’ve built our reputation on being able to react quickly to urgent custom design requests and many of our products are approved with FIA homologation status.


Reventec position sensors use solid-state TMR technology. This means there are no moving parts and they don’t need to touch the component that is being measured. Therefore, we’ve designed them to measure across air gaps of up to 40mm and even measure through non-ferrous materials, plastics and road debris. It means we deliver levels of accuracy and reliability unmatched by potentiometers and other legacy technologies.

We have more than a decade of motorsport design and engineering experience and we can develop reliable solutions, in record time. Take a look at how we’ve solved some of our customers’ position sensor challenges.

So, if you have custom sensor requirements and you’re under time constraints, we’re here to help.



Solid-state capacitive liquid level sensors for fuel, oil, water, coolant and other liquids. We provide standard and custom sensor designs, built to your length and design requirements whilst offering high accuracy.


Capable of sensing through non-ferrous material, such as aluminium walls, and across large air gaps of 40mm, our solid-state, non-contact position sensors use TMR technology to measure linear, angular and rotary movements.


Smart, programmable temperature sensors detecting gas, air and liquids, custom-designed to your spatial and technical requirement. Built for rugged, long-term reliability in extreme environments.

Gearbox Oil Level Sensors

Powerful performance monitoring.

Real-time readings empowers engineers to make decisions based on component performance.


Engineered for precision. Designed to win.

Wheel Gun Position Sensor

Motorsport Wheel Gun Position Sensor

A solid-state, precision motorsport wheel gun position sensor for secure central wheel nut fitment.

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Rocker Suspension Position Sensor

Rocker Suspension Position Sensor

Designed to measure the arc movement of a race car rocker suspension for vehicle performance monitoring and improvement of ride height.

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Pedal Position Sensor

Non-Contact Pedal Position Sensor

Push your performance with an accurate position sensor designed to continuously monitor pedal movements.

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Have you got a custom
sensor requirement?

Our standard sensors are just the beginning. Reventec specialises in customised sensor design and offers solutions for a variety of applications in any shape, any size and any material. Get in touch to discuss your project requirements.