Our mission is to engineer sensor solutions that solve our customers measurement challenges. We have experience in a variety of applications over the last few decades and are well-equipped to offer innovative highly-customised sensors and off-the-shelf products.


We have over a decade of experience custom designing sensors for use in the harsh environments found in motor racing. Reventec custom sensors are used widely by motorsport teams in a huge range of race series. These include the top levels of modern Formula 1, IndyCar, Australian V8 Supercars, as well as other Endurance and Sports cars series.


We have designed electronic and mechanical components for the defence sector for more than three decades. In addition, we produce a unique range of temperature, level and position sensors. Reventec sensors are specified for use on land and air vehicles, including fighting vehicles and UAVs.


Reventec designs and develops component parts and assemblies for the harsh environments associated with the aerospace industry. This includes sensors for manned and unmanned military and commercial aircraft. Vibration, temperature and humidity each present significant challenges.


We have vast experience designing and supplying custom sensors. We also design electronic and mechanical components for use in harsh industrial applications. Reventec products are specified for use in hazardous environments where Ex and IS approvals are typically required.


We design and develop customised capacitive liquid level sensors, tunneling magnetoresistance position sensors and programming temperature sensors for automotive manufacturers. Specialising in bespoke sensors in small quantities, we can scale up quickly to full-scale production.


We are equipped to engineer robust sensors and custom sensor solutions for the rail industry that are designed to be highly durable. Our adaptable solid-state technology is vibration-tolerant and our solutions can have an IP rating of IP67.


We supply continuous, real-time sensors for tough off-highway vehicles. Our experience developing sensors built to last in harsh environments has ensured that we can adapt to a broad range of different specifications and fitments – providing robust and reliable devices.


Reventec has served the marine industry with high performance, long-lasting sensors across a variety of vessels including America’s Cup yachts, cargo ships and defence seacraft. With a track record of delivering durable sensing devices, we have fast become the go to for highly customised solutions to protection against corrosive seawater conditions.

Custom Sensor Requirements

Our standard sensors are just the beginning. Reventec specialises in customised sensor design and offers solutions for a variety of applications in any shape, any size and any material. Get in touch to discuss your project requirements.