Custom Liquid Level Sensors

Custom Liquid Level Sensors

Fully-customised liquid level sensors developed for your application.

If you have an unusual liquid level sensor requirement and can’t use one of our standard designs, we’ll design and develop a bespoke sensor to perfectly match your requirements.

Whether you require a 1-off prototype or a volume supply, we have the experience and expertise to provide the ultimate solution.

  • Suitable for all common fuels, hydrocarbons and other liquids
  • Solid-state, continuous liquid level sensing
  • ±0.5% full scale accuracy
  • Designed for long-term reliability in harsh environments
  • Custom designed to your requirements
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Custom Liquid Level Sensors

Reventec custom level sensors can be designed for compatibility with oil, fuel, ethanol blends, diesel, water and other common automotive and industrial liquids. The sensors are well-suited to operation within harsh environments, with solid-state capacitive technology providing accurate and robust liquid level measurement across a wide operating temperature range.

Level sensor designs are available with integrated or remote electronics for high temperature or confined envelope applications.

Our capacitive level sensors are custom designed and manufactured to your requirements; ideal for low and mid volume production requirements (including 1-off prototypes).

Additional information

Sensor Length

450-700mm, 60-450mm, 700mm+

Mounting Format

1 Bolt, 2 Bolt, 3 Bolt, 5 Bolt (SAE), AN-10 Threaded, AN-8 Threaded, Custom

Output Format

Analogue 0-5V, Analogue 0-5V & Switch to GND, CAN, CAN & Analogue 0-5V