Custom Liquid Level Sensors

Custom Liquid Level Sensors

Fully-customised liquid level sensors developed for your application.

If you have an unusual liquid level sensor requirement and can’t use one of our standard designs, we’ll design and develop a bespoke sensor to perfectly match your requirements.

Whether you require a 1-off prototype or a volume supply, we have the experience and expertise to provide the ultimate solution.

  • Suitable for all common fuels, hydrocarbons and other liquids
  • Solid-state, continuous liquid level sensing
  • ±0.5% full scale accuracy
  • Designed for long-term reliability in harsh environments
  • Custom designed to your requirements


Custom Liquid Level Sensors

Reventec custom liquid level sensors provide reliable and accurate level measurement, across a wide range of operating temperatures.

Our sensors are compatible with oil, fuel, ethanol blends and diesel but also water and other automotive / industrial liquids. We can offer field-programmable options, so our sensors are ideal for applications where different fuel and lubricant types need to be used.

We can offer integrated or remote electronics for high temperature or confined envelope applications. Because our level sensors are lightweight and have no moving parts, they are particularly robust in high-vibration applications.

Reventec has developed custom liquid level sensors for a range of diverse applications:

  • Custom fuel level sensors in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). This enables the flight range to be predicted more accurately than previous sensors
  • Custom oil level sensors in new design military fighting vehicle for engine and gearbox oils
  • Custom coolant level sensors for factory and privateer motorsports race teams

From our Wiltshire, UK plant, we design, build, test and calibrate our products to meet your specific requirements. We’ve built our reputation by providing fast reaction, low / mid-volume production runs and one-off prototypes for mission-critical requirements.

It’s our innovative approach, superior build quality and attention to detail that make our customers return, time and again, so why not get in contact?

Reventec liquid level sensors are specified by a range of automotive, off-highway, UAV, industrial and defence OEM manufacturers.

Additional information

Sensor Length

450-700mm, 60-450mm, 700mm+

Mounting Format

1 Bolt, 2 Bolt, 3 Bolt, 5 Bolt (SAE), AN-10 Threaded, AN-8 Threaded, Custom

Output Format

Analogue 0-5V, Analogue 0-5V & Switch to GND, CAN, CAN & Analogue 0-5V