Programmable Temperature Sensor

Programmable Temperature Sensor

Robust temperature sensor with built in transmitter, covering a wide measurement range from -50ºC to +170ºC in standard form and a high temperature variant up to +250ºC is available for increased operating temperatures.

  • Solid-state, continuous temperature sensing
  • Ratiometric voltage output
  • -50ºC to +170ºC in standard form
  • High-temperature variant up to +250ºC
  • High Accuracy PT-1000 (Class B 1/3 DIN) sensing element
  • Designed for long-term reliability in harsh environments
  • 1000bar fluid pressure designs available
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Reventec CE-050-02 programmable temperature sensor

CE-050-02 is a programmable temperature sensor designed for long-term reliability in harsh environments.

It provides a voltage output, instead of a standard resistance output. This makes it very useful for projects where external CPU processing is not available or desirable.

We take the resistance output from a Class B 1/3 DIN PT-1000 sensing element and convert it into a scaled, programmable voltage output of 0.25 to 4.75VDC. Our advanced electronics are integrated safely within the connector and therefore, additional processing is not needed. The programmable CE-050-02 is compact, light and highly accurate.

It covers a wide measurement range from -50ºC to +170ºC in standard form and a high temperature variant available for increased operating temperatures up to 250°C. 1000bar fluid pressure designs are also available.

CE-050-02 is fully programmable and the output voltage can be modified to any probe temperature across its measurement range. Our sensors are factory-calibrated to your specifications and can also be customer-configured using a simple GUI.

The connector is attached to the sensor probe via a flying lead, which separates the transmitter from the heat source being measured. As a result, this design provides additional protection and enables a wide range of installation options.

By eliminating the need for additional CPUs, the CE-050-02 reduces weight and maximises use of the available space envelope.

Options include:

  • Metric/imperial temperature probe diameters
  • 1000bar fluid pressure designs
  • High temperature variant available for measurement up to 250°C
  • Custom electronic housings
  • Connector / flying wire interfaces

CE-050-02 is solid state and therefore highly-resilient to vibration and liquid ingress. As a result, it is ideal for militaryUAV and motorsports applications.

Reventec reacts very quickly to custom design requests and we specialise in small batch production, from 1-10 pieces. We can also provide volume production of 5,000 pieces or more.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.