Submersible Exhaust Thermocouple

Submersible Exhaust Thermocouple

A submersible exhaust thermocouple engineered for accurate measurement across an extreme temperature range of -100°C to +1300°C.

  • Solid-state, continuous temperature sensing
  • Ratiometric voltage output
  • Subconn MCBH3MSS connector
  • IP69K rated
  • 10 Bar pressure rated
  • High Accuracy PT-1000 (Class B 1/3 DIN) sensing element
  • Extreme probe temperature range of -100°C to +1300°C (Semi-remote electronics rated to -40°C to +85°C)


Submersible Exhaust Thermocouple (IE-020-02)

The Submersible Exhaust Thermocouple is engineered for exhaust temperature measurement of a tactical Diver Delivery Unit and is custom engineered to incorporate electronics sealed to IP69K to allow the device to operate in harsh underwater conditions. Located in the exhaust and delivering a ratiometric voltage output, the sensor probe can operate efficiently whilst enduring an extraordinary temperature range of up to +1300°C measuring heat emitted from the exhaust while the vessel travels on the surface powered by an internal combustion engine. The probe is vital to a defence vehicle or vessel’s mission-ready capability and ensures the swimmer vehicle is running at an optimum performance ensuring quick deployment to deliver operatives and their equipment incognito. The semi-remote electronics are sealed in a specialised hard anodised enclosure with a Subconn MCBH3MSS connector and rugged stainless steel compression fittings suitable for handling high pressure and corrosive seawater conditions. The sensor probe is manufactured from inconel with the probe and electronics are pressure rated to 10 bar ensuring suitable for depths of 100 meters.

Designed for long-term reliability in harsh environments, the device features a compression locking gland to secure the thermocouple. The probe is designed to be manipulated to the desired shape without the risk of being damaged. The distance of the probe from the semi-remote electronics is customisable and can be custom-built from 100mm to 3m in length, subject to requirements and temperature measurement criteria.


Options include:

  • Metric/imperial temperature probe diameters
  • 1000bar fluid pressure designs
  • Connector / flying wire interfaces



IE-020-02 is a solid-state instrument and is highly resilient to vibration and shock making it ideal for defence platforms.

Reventec specialises in highly customisable sensor solutions and can design and manufacture one-off sensors, small batches or large volumes of product. With their design office and research and development facilities located alongside their manufacturing, designs can jump rapidly from screen to production. Please contact one of our technical specialists to discuss your requirements.

Mechanical Details

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The Submersible Exhaust Thermocouple is a temperature sensor in our military product range, equipping ground vehicle and UAV manufacturers with real-time measurement of vital vehicle components. Discover how we help our customers to defend for longer in a variety of applications: