Sensors for Active Aerodynamics

Active Aero Sensor Technologies

Reventec’s non-contact tunnelling magnetoresistive position sensors are ideal for advanced measurement of active aerodynamics.

What is Active Aerodynamics?

Active Aerodynamics (commonly known as ‘Active Aero’) are mechanisms that dynamically adjust the aerodynamic properties for a motorsport race car.

In motorsport, the benefits of active aerodynamics are faster lap times, tighter battles on the track, and constantly pushing the performance boundaries of a vehicle. Reventec’s smart active aero position sensors are ideal for measuring the mechanical movement of wings with precision accuracy. As a non-contact active aero sensor technology, there is zero wear ensuring durability and product longevity.

Active Aerodynamics in Motorsport

With recent proposed regulation changes for the F1 2026 season now featuring active aero moveable front and rear wings, race teams and manufacturers are set to maximise this new rule with development, testing and superior measurement instruments to optimise their cars.

Active aero benefits include:

  • Maintain stability when braking, faster corner speeds, and improved overtaking.
  • Maximise downforce for superior grip when cornering.
  • Reduce straight line drag.


Reventec’s Tunnelling MagnetoResistive position sensors play a vital role in the development of race-winning motorsport vehicles and will continue to be critical as motorsport technology and regulations evolve with recent developments of active aero. Active aero applications of Tunnelling Magneto Resistive Position Sensors:

Active Front Wing: By measuring the wing angle, Reventec TMR position sensors ensure optimal downforce at the front for high speed stability.

Dynamic Rear Wings: TMR sensors can determine the angle of the rear wing, optimizing downforce for cornering and minimizing drag on straights.


Measurement Paths Linear, Arc and Rotary
Outputs Analog, CAN, Analog & CAN
Accuracy ±0.5%
Operating Temperature -40°C to +150°C
Response Rate Up to 5kHz
Mounting Options Multiple available

Mil-Std EMC Certified

Vibration Tolerant

Ingress Protection up to IP69K

Insensitive to Orientation

Made in
the UK

CE & UKCA Compliant


Engineered for precision. Designed to win.

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