LS345 Liquid Level Sensor

LS345 Liquid Level Sensor

Capacitive liquid level sensor with a 3-bolt mounting arrangement, custom-built up to 700mm long.

LS345 is a solid-state capacitive liquid level sensor, capable of continuous level measurement in all common liquid types. The sensor is manufactured to your length requirement up to 700mm long, with a range of output formats, operating temperature ranges and accuracy specifications to suit most applications.


LS345 Liquid Level Sensor

The LS345 is a 3-hole liquid level sensor. It provides continuous, high-accuracy measurement of a tank’s contents.

Mounting and Mechanical Features

Because it features three ⌀4.2mm mounting bolt holes, the sensor head footprint is extremely small.

Reventec manufactures every LS345 liquid level sensor to the length required by the customer, which eliminates the need for users to modify the sensor mechanically and it simplifies installation.

LS345 liquid level sensors can be mounted in any orientation, including vertical inverted mounting and the sensor seals to the tank via a supplied radial O-ring seal.

We can supply sizes from 450mm to 700mm (see the LS300 for shorter length requirements) and the probe features a carbon-fibre outer layer, because this adds strength. It ensures reliability in high vibration and extreme operating conditions.

Accuracy, Outputs and Electrical Connectivity

The LS345 is available in two accuracy specifications:

  • +/-1% accuracy
  • +/-0.5% accuracy.

It is also available with a range of industry-standard outputs. This includes an optional ‘low level’ alarm that activates when liquid drops below a calibrated level.

Output options include:

  1. Analogue 0-5V (typically calibrated 0.25V empty, 4.75V full)
  2. CAN and Analogue 0-5V
  3. CAN Only

Liquid level sensors come with a 500mm flying lead and the number of cores is dependent on the output mode(s). However, customers may specify a longer flying lead or for a connector to be supplied and fitted at additional cost. So if you require an integrated connector, please ask us about our custom sensors.

All sensors have an operating temperature range of -40°C to +125°C. In addition, an extended temperature range option is available for use in operating temperatures of up to 150°C.

Liquid Compatibility and Sensor Calibration

LS345 is compatible with all common liquid types, including fuel, oil and diesel. Sensors are available for compatibility with polar liquids, including water and coolant. In addition, LS345 can accurately measure bio-fuels such as Ethanol, Methanol and blends.

All sensors are factory-calibrated in the customer-specified liquid type, so the sensor is ready for immediate use. However, sensors can be user-calibrated in the field, for instance, if the liquid type is changed.

Reventec provides free calibration software, which is available on request. In addition, it lets customers compensate for non-linear tank shapes or where a non-linear output curve is desirable.

Benefits at a glance

  • Solid-state with no moving parts, so it’s ideal for use in extreme operating environments
  • Manufactured to length: Perfect fit straight from the box because no mechanical adjustment is required
  • Wide range of output modes, so compatible with most industrial and automotive instrumentation and control electronics
  • Compatible with a wide variety of liquids
  • High temperature variant available for monitoring high-temperature oil up to 150°C
  • Mount at any angle, including inverted
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Capacitive Technology

The LS345 leverages the latest advancements in capacitive liquid level sensing. Discover our technology video to explore how this technology works and how it is used across our fuel, oil, coolant and water level sensor range.