Mil-Spec UAV AN-10 Fuel & Oil Level Sensor

A lightweight, mil-spec fuel and oil level sensor designed for defence UAV platforms with integrated temperature sensing. With an AN-10 threaded mount and ingress protection rating of IP68, this mil-spec instrument is custom-built up to 450mm long.

  • Solid state, capacitive sensing for minimal maintenance
  • Mil-Std EMC Certified
  • IP68 rated
  • Analog 0-5V and CAN outputs available
  • Advanced accuracies of ±1% of reading (±0.5% accuracy variants available)
  • -40°C to +125°C operating temperature range (-55°C to +150°C variant available)
  • High accuracy PT-1000 (Class B 1/3 DIN) integrated temperature sensor



The LSM1000 is a mil-spec AN-10 threaded capacitive liquid level sensor employing class-leading capacitive sensing techniques for robust, continuous measurements of contained liquids. The lightweight probe features a carbon-fibre outer layer to add strength without additional weight and offers an integrated PT-1000 (Class B 1/3 DIN) temperature detector for liquid temperature sensing. The sensors are manufactured to the customers required length, up to 450mm long, which simplifies installation. Certified to MIL STD 461G and RCTA DO160F.

Continuous, real-time fluid level monitoring of a tank’s content by the LSM1000 provides UAV operators the confidence that their UAV is mission-ready for quick deployment. With a 100Hz measurement rate, UAV operators are able to track vital UAV fluid level in detail for preventative maintenance and enables unmanned aerial platforms to fly further for longer. The LSM1000 delivers continuous readings with advanced accuracies of ±1% of reading (±0.5% accuracy variants available). Leveraging the solid-state nature of capacitive technology, measurement accuracy is unaffected by physical orientation of the sensor, including inverted, and the sensor design eliminates the need for regular maintenance.

As the sensor has an AN-10 threaded mounting configuration it benefits from an extremely small footprint. Housed within the sensor head integrated electronics allow for analog 0-5V, CAN or analog and CAN outputs without the need for external CPU processing. The entire sensor, inclusive of electronics, has an operating temperature rating of 40°C to +125°C (-55°C to +150°C variant available) and a 2 bar differential tank pressure rating ensuring reliability in intensive heat, high vibration conditions and extreme environments.

The LSM1000 is calibrated in the specific intended fluid for superior accuracy and is compatible with a wide variety of dielectric fluids, including fuel, oil, water and coolants. For example: Gasoline, AVGAS, JET-A, JP-4 and JP-8.

Manufactured to length for a perfect fit straight from the box, the LSM1000 is supplied with a flying lead, as standard, and can be adapted and customised to fit a range of connector types dependent on requirement including MIL-DTL-38999 connectors.


EMC Approvals

EMC approvals for this device includes: MIL STD 461G Army Ground Limits: CS114, CS115, CS116, RE102, RS103, RS101, CE102, CS101, RTCA DO160F: Section 25 ESD Cat. A


Output Options

Output options include:

  • Analog 0-5V (typically calibrated 0.25V empty, 4.75V full)
  • CAN and Analog 0-5V
  • CAN only


Accuracy Options

The LSM1000 is available in two accuracy specifications:

  • ±1% accuracy of reading
  • ±0.5% accuracy of reading


Additional Options

Other options include:

  • 2 bar differential tank pressure rated (Up to 10 bar pressure ratings available upon request)
  • -40°C to +125°C operating temperature range (-55°C to +150°C variant available)


LSM Capacitive Liquid Level Sensors

The LSM1000 is a capacitive liquid level sensor in our military product range, equipping ground vehicle and UAV manufacturers with real-time measurement of vital vehicle components. Reventec has vast experience over the past decade delivering highly customised sensor solutions to our customers and have the expertise to design and build sensors to fit specific spatial constraints, liquid type requirements, connector and cabling requirements. Please contact us to discuss your requirements with a member of our team.


Defence Vehicle Health Sensors

The LSM1000 is a capacitive liquid level sensor in our military product range, equipping ground vehicle and UAV manufacturers with real-time measurement of vital vehicle components. Discover how we help our customers to defend for longer in a variety of applications: