Quantum TMR 45mm Linear Motorsport Wheel Gun Position Sensor

Quantum TMR 45mm Linear Motorsport Wheel Gun Position Sensor

A solid-state, precision motorsport wheel gun position sensor designed to measure a 45mm linear reprogrammable sensing range for secure central wheel nut fitment.

  • 45mm linear reprogrammable measurement sensing range
  • Rapid response rate of 5kHz
  • Extremely accurate; ±5% of reading
  • 12 bit Resolution
  • Analog 0-5V or CAN output
  • -40°C to +150°C temperature range
  • IP67 rated


Quantum TMR 45mm Linear Motorsport Wheel Gun Position Sensor (IJ-016-02)

Developed for precision measurement of wheel nut positioning when secured with a wheel gun, the Quantum TMR Wheel Gun Position Sensor is ideally suited for competitive motorsport where pit stops truly shape race results. Boasting extreme accuracies of ±0.5% of reading, this product has been extensively used and trusted by a number of race teams in the upper echelons of motorsport with proven success.

Featuring three precise measurement heads designed to be bonded within the wheel gun housing, measurement is made continuously with readings extracted from the electronics control module positioned at the rear of the device. Integrated electronics fixed to the carbon graphite housing of the shroud offers an analog (0-5V) or CAN output for easy implementation within race teams telemetry architecture without the need for external CPU processing.

Compared to torque sensors, which may show false readings when wheel nut misalignment or cross-threading occurs, TMR technology measures the physical distance of a plunger relative to the sensor measurement heads installed in the shroud, ensuring the correct fitment every time. The socket, whilst specific to particular race team’s wheel nuts, is a customised design to accommodate the magnet target encased within the Reventec plunger.

Leveraging Reventec’s Quantum TMR technology, the device benefits from its non-contacting and solid-state properties for an increased product lifespan. The robust instrument delivers dependable readings with high repeatability. With an IP rating of IP67, the sensor is equipped to excel in extreme environments and possesses an operating temperature range of -40°C to +150°C (-40°F to +302°F).

Supplied as an electronics harness only for direct integration into a race team’s own wheel gun housing or as a complete sensor solution inclusive of a standard shroud  designed for the Paoli Hurricane gun. The sensor system can be offered with factory calibration for easy plug and play installation.

Whilst this sensor has a 45mm linear sensing range, all Reventec products are available for full customisation to ensure the best fit for your application. This includes tailored linear measurement ranges, sensor dimensions, connector types and construction materials to meet customers spatial and weight constraints.


Options include:

  • Custom shroud design and build incorporating the sensor electronics, measurement heads and plunger to fit spatial constraints
  • Analog 0-5V, CAN or Analog 0-5V and CAN output
  • Choice of connector types. Including Deutsch, Souriau and Lemo


Quantum TMR Programmable Sensors

The Motorsport Wheel Gun Position Sensor is a product from our Quantum TMR range of magnetic position sensors. Our Quantum TMR range offers powerful precision measurement of linear, angular and rotary component movement using Tunneling MagnetoResistive (TMR) technology. All of our sensors are factory-calibrated to a user’s specifications but additionally we can supply a free GUI, should customers wish to re-configure their sensors in the field.



The Quantum TMR Motorsport Wheel Gun Position Sensor is a robust, precision instrument engineered to perform in the extreme conditions of competitive motorsport. Please contact us to discuss your wheel gun position measurement project requirements.

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