Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensor

Robust temperature sensor with built in transmitter, covering a wide measurement range from -50ºC to +170ºC in standard form and a high temperature variant available for increased operating temperatures.

  • Solid-state, continuous temperature sensing
  • High Accuracy PT-1000 (Class B 1/3 DIN) sensing element
  • Ratiometric output
  • Designed for long-term reliability in harsh environments
  • 1000bar fluid pressure designs available
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CE-050-02 is a robust temperature sensor with built in transmitter covering a wide measurement range from -50degC to +170degC in standard form (high temperature variants up to 250°C available).

The sensor ensures a precise measurement using advanced electronics and high accuracy Class B 1/3 DIN PT-1000, continually providing a ratiometric voltage output over a range of 0.25 to 4.75VDC.

Being fully configurable, the transmitter allows you to modify the output voltage to any probe temperature across its measurement range. The sensors are supplied factory calibrated to your requirements or can be customer configured using a simple GUI if required.

The temperature probe and electronics can be packaged within limitless design configurations offering a range of metric/imperial temperature probe diameters, custom electronic housings and connector/flying wire interfaces to cover your exact requirements.

Please contact Reventec to discuss your requirements, we specialise in small batches from 1-10 pieces, through to volume production (5,000 pieces+).

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