Reventec Vehicle Sensors for Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS)

Reduce vehicle downtime and improve predictive maintenance with real-time vehicle health sensors.

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Our sensors for Health Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) continuously measure critical components onboard defence vehicles for early maintenance detection, to enable vehicle range extension and to increase mission time. With simple plug and play installation, our sensors are fully customisable to fit within a vehicle platform’s spatial constraints whilst delivering Analog, CAN or combined Analog and CAN outputs.

We engineer sensor solutions that are compatible with a wide variety of military vehicles including: unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), combat vehicles, engineering vehicles, transportation vehicles, recovery vehicles, and even submersible diver delivery units. Reventec products are designed to meet many MIL-STD-461F and RCTA DO160F EMC standards ensuring that these comply with military standards and are suitable for an array of defence platforms.

Continuous Real-time Readings

These advanced devices for HUMS systems generate health and usage data promptly, with certain Reventec sensors benefitting from up to a rapid 5kHz response rate. This equips platform operators with the power to see their vehicle’s health instantaneously, and with a deep level of analysis. With single, dual or triple channel redundancy available, rest assured that readings are available when you need it.

Rapid Vehicle Diagnostics

Reventec sensors aid rapid vehicle diagnostics and monitor mission-critical vehicle components ensuring that their health and usage status is measured. Common customer use cases include:

  • Fuel level sensor integration for vehicle range extension
  • Coolant level sensors are often used for engine reliability
  • Oil level sensors are ideal for engine and gearbox performance monitoring
  • Rotary position sensors are suitable for gear engagement detection
  • Non-contact linear position sensors are well-suited to measure hydraulics and their efficiency
  • Programmable temperature sensors for gearbox temperature detection

Defend for Longer

Our mil-spec vehicle health monitoring sensors optimise vehicle operations with continuous sensing of key components and subassemblies, and with accuracies of ±0.5% of reading. Our capacitive liquid level sensors deliver precision fuel analysis in vehicles to drive further and defend for longer. With vehicle readiness improved, operators can benefit from quick deployment and have the ability to maximise their mission.

Sensors for Vehicle Health Monitoring Systems (VHMS)

Reventec sensors are ideal for monitoring critical components performance and are built for durability in extreme environments with high temperature ratings, shock resistance and vibration tolerance.

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