100 Degree Arc Sensor

100 Degree Arc Sensor

A custom position sensor designed as a fit, form and function replacement for an existing 100 degree angle and tilt sensor used on an America’s Cup racing yacht.

The product was to be retrofit into the existing sensor space without modification to the fixtures and fittings of the yacht.

In order to meet the short delivery timeframe requirements, the initial prototype was 3D printed in SLS material.

  • 100° Angular Measurement Range
  • America’s Cup racing yacht application
  • Designed as a drop-in replacement for an existing competitor product


The brief

An America’s Cup yacht racing race team approached us with an urgent requirement to design a drop-in replacement for an existing 100 degree arc sensor. The team was using a competitor product that had proven unreliable under race conditions. They wanted a sensor that could monitor 100° of angular movement and perform faultlessly in the harshest conditions.

The marine environment is particularly challenging for any electronic device. This sensor had to withstand extremes of wind, rain and immersion in salt water. In addition, the product was to be retrofit into the existing sensor space without modification to the fixtures and fittings of the yacht.

Reventec develops sensors for top-flight motorsports. so we understand the challenges of racing under harsh conditions. As a result, we were briefed to design and produce a reliable sensor.

Reventec position sensors don’t suffer from the same physical wear characteristics of potentiometers and other legacy technologies because we use the latest TMR non-contact sensing technology.

About Reventec

We measure linear, angular and rotary component movement using the latest TMR technology. Legacy technologies can’t deliver this level of accuracy or reliability. Our non-contact sensors can measure through 40mm of non-ferrous material and are ideal for use in harsh environments, because they are solid-state.

Our sensors are factory-calibrated to a user’s specifications. We can supply a free GUI, should customers wish to programme their sensors in the field.

Reventec also designs and builds capacitive liquid level sensors and programmable temperature sensing solutions.

Reventec produces a range of standard and customisable level sensor configurations. We also offer a full custom design service. A useful legacy from motorsports is our ability to react very quickly to urgent requests!

Reventec customers value our technical expertise and fast response times. They typically operate at the cutting edge of:

  • Motorsports
  • Defence manufacturing
  • Industrial automation
  • Automotive industry

Reventec provides design consultancy and one-off / small-batch production runs. We also offer production runs of 5000+ pieces.

Our R&D and production facilities are based near Salisbury, UK.

Please get in touch for more information.

Additional information

Measurement Type


Sensing Range



12 bit

Temperature Range

-40°C to +125°C

Ingress Protection