F1 Suspension Rocker Position Sensor

F1 Suspension Rocker Position Sensor

Custom rotary position sensor designed to monitor the rotary movement of the rear suspension rocker on a Formula 1 car.

The sensor monitors up to 45 degrees of rotary movement, with no contact between the sensor and the moving magnet integrated into the rocker.

The product was designed for installation using the existing rocker features to ensure no modification of the rocker itself was necessary. The rockers are in close proximity to the engine and exhausts, so the sensor was designed to withstand up to 125°C temperatures.

  • 0-45° rotary movement
  • Designed for integration without modification to the suspension rocker
  • Timescale to delivery: just 3 weeks
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Measurement Type

Sensing Range


Temperature Range

-40°C to +125°C


12 bit