Bootstrap Accumulator Position Sensor

Bootstrap Accumulator Position Sensor

Custom position sensor developed to monitor the linear displacement of a suspension ‘bootstrap’ accumulator on a Formula 1 race car.

Mounted to the exterior of the accumulator, the sensor monitors 90mm linear travel of the piston through the aluminium accumulator wall and across a total 35mm measurement gap.

The application was subject to extremes of temperature and vibration, so the product body was manufactured in Peak material.

As with most Formula 1 projects that we undertake, the delivery timescale requirements were very tight. Time from initial brief to product delivery was just 3 weeks.

  • 90mm linear measurement range
  • F1 suspension system ‘bootstrap’ accumulator
  • Delivery in 3 weeks


The brief

A leading Formula 1™ team came to Reventec seeking a custom bootstrap accumulator position sensor. They needed the sensor to monitor the linear displacement of a hydraulic suspension component and it needed to provide accurate data, even under harsh race conditions. The sensor needed to be on the car in just three weeks.

The project

No direct contact was possible with the target piston, so the bootstrap accumulator position sensor had to be mounted on the outside of the accumulator. This also meant it had to measure accurately through 35mm of solid aluminium accumulator body.

Reventec sensors can measure through 40mm of non-ferrous material. This includes plastics, non-ferrous metals and road debris. We use the latest TMR technologies to provide accurate measurement of linear, angular and rotary component movements. Potentiometers and other legacy technologies are unable to deliver this level of accuracy or reliability, particularly in harsh environments.

About Reventec

Reventec products have a great reputation for providing highly-accurate data. We calibrate every unit to a user’s specifications before they leave the factory. Once in the field, they are user-programmable via a free GUI.

We also design and build capacitive liquid level sensors and programmable temperature sensing solutions. These are available in standard and customisable configurations, as well as offering fully-customised designs.

Our customers operate at the cutting edge of motorsports, defence manufacturing, industrial automation and the automotive industry. They value our technical expertise and also our fast response times.

Reventec is set up specifically to provide design consultancy, prototyping and one-off or small-batch production runs. We can scale up production to 5000+ pieces, as required.

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