Mil-Spec UAV 2-Bolt Fuel & Oil Level Sensor

A mil-spec capacitive liquid level sensor well-suited for UAV fuel and oil measurement applications. With a 2-bolt fixing and MIL-DTL-38999 connector, this sensor offers plug-and-play installation for defence UAV platforms.

  • Continuous, solid-state sensing with accuracies of ±1% of reading (±0.5% accuracy variants available)
  • Analog 0-5V and CAN outputs available
  • Mil-Std EMC Certified
  • Measurement accuracy unaffected by physical orientation of the sensor
  • -40°C to +125°C operating temperature range (-55°C to +150°C variant available)
  • IP68 rated
  • MIL-DTL-38999 connector



The LSM200-38999 is a solid-state, mil-spec liquid level sensor utilising the latest advancements in capacitive sensing technology for robust, dependable measurements with advanced accuracies of ±1% of reading (±0.5% accuracy variants available). Designed for real-time, reliable fuel and oil level measurement, the LSM200-38999 is ideal for defence UAV platforms that require powerful fluid level sensing in extreme environments.

Featuring a MIL-DTL-38999 connector fitted directly to the sensor head, the device is lightweight with an extremely small footprint. All control electronics are integrated within the sensor head allowing for analog 0-5V, CAN or analog and CAN outputs without the need for external CPU processing. The LSM200-38999 is made to order and is custom built up to a length of 450mm. Both the probe and electronics have a high operating temperature of -40°C to +125°C, with -55°C to +150°C temperature variants available. Certification to MIL STD 461G and RCTA DO160F available.

The LSM200-38999 is a solid-state IP68 rated device with no moving parts and benefits from extreme accuracy in high vibration applications, shock resistance and operability across a wide temperature range. The sensor ­can be fixed to a fuel or oil tank at any angle, included inverted, whilst maintaining high accurate measurement which is one of the reasons why Reventec liquid level sensors have been adopted by a variety of UAV platforms.

Providing UAV operators confidence when it counts, the LSM200-38999 measures changes in the liquid level for accurate and reliable measurement ensuring that the fuel or oil stays within safe limits for platform operation. Real-time, accurate sensor information is crucial for managing UAV flight duration and particularly when efficient use of fuel is critical to extend UAV platforms’ range and mission capabilities.

The LSM200-38999 is well-suited to all common automotive and UAV fuel, oil and coolant types including; Gasoline, AVGAS, JET-A, JP-4, JP-8 and 50/50 Glycol. The LSM200-38999 is calibrated in the intended fuel or oil, rather than a control liquid, for superior accuracy.

EMC Approvals

EMC approvals for this device includes: MIL STD 461G Army Ground Limits: CS114, CS115, CS116, RE102, RS103, RS101, CE102, CS101, RTCA DO160F: Section 25 ESD Cat. A

Output Options

Output options include:

  • Analog 0-5V (typically calibrated 0.25V empty, 4.75V full)
  • CAN and Analog 0-5V
  • CAN only

Accuracy Options

The LSM200-38999 is available in two accuracy specifications:

  • ±1% accuracy of reading
  • ±0.5% accuracy of reading

The LSM200-38999 is manufactured with an integrated MIL-DTL-38999 connect as standard but can be customised to fit a range of connector types or supplied with a flying lead.

LSM Capacitive Liquid Level Sensors

The LSM200-38999 is a capacitive liquid level sensor in our military product range, equipping ground vehicle and UAV manufacturers with real-time measurement of vital vehicles components. Reventec has vast experience over the past decade delivering highly customised sensor solutions to our customers and have the expertise to design and build sensors to fit specific spatial constraints, liquid type requirements, connector and cabling requirements. Please contact us to discuss your requirements with a member of our team.


Defence Vehicle Health Sensors

The LSM200-38999 is a capacitive liquid level sensor in our military product range, equipping ground vehicle and UAV manufacturers with real-time measurement of vital vehicle components. Discover how we help our customers to defend for longer in a variety of applications: