Reventec Announces Low-Cost Solid-State Liquid Level Sensor Series

10th November, 2016

Reventec Ltd, a UK-based mechanical and electronic design consultancy, has developed a low-cost solid-state capacitive liquid level sensor capable of continuous level measurement across all common liquid types.

SAE 5-Bolt Liquid Level Sensor

The New EcoSense with 5 bolt SAE flange configuration.

The EcoSense liquid level sensor has been developed to address the need for a reliable, low-cost solution to fluid level measurement. Available in an almost infinite variety of length and mounting configurations, the sensors can be suited to fit any fluid tank/sender applications requiring accurate level measurement.

Integrated electronics in the flange provide a standard 0-5VDC output, which interfaces to industry standard data-logger systems and liquid level gauges.

The EcoSense is capable of withstanding the harsh environmental conditions commonly found in fuel and oil level sensing applications, including 125°C temperature and high levels of shock/vibration.

Neville Meech, Director at Reventec, commented “We are very excited by the introduction of the EcoSense Series. It directly addresses a widespread requirement for a reliable, solid-state alternative to less reliable mechanical float devices, while keeping the unit cost well below that of typical capacitive devices of equal quality”.

Meech continued “With over a decade of experience designing liquid-level sensors for Formula 1 cars, military vehicles and aircraft, our team understands what it takes to ensure a level sensor is reliable, whatever the application. We believe that this is the first time this level of precision engineering has been offered within such a low-cost device.”

Further details about the product are available on the EcoSense liquid level sensor web page. Potential customers can also contact Reventec directly to speak with an expert.

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