Quantum 360 (Single Output) TMR Rotary Position Sensor

Quantum 360 (Single Output) TMR Rotary Position Sensor

The 360º TMR Rotary Position Sensor is designed to provide industry-leading accuracy and reliability in harsh environment applications, with the ability to detect through large sections of non-ferrous material.

  • Solid-state, continuous rotational sensing
  • Wide gap tolerance
  • 150° Celsius capability
  • 12bit resolution (<0.1° resolution)
  • Fully configurable without resolution loss
  • Rotary measurement through non-ferrous
    materials up to 25mm away
  • Dual redundant option
  • Multiple magnet (target) options
  • Submersible (IP67)
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The Reventec Quantum 360™ is a reliable non-contact TMR rotary position sensor, available directly from our UK factory. It is robust, highly accurate and therefore ideal for a range of applications that includes:

  • Defence
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) / Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Motorsports
  • Industrial automation
  • Robotics

Reventec’s engineering design team has developed the latest advanced TMR (Tunnel Magnetoresistance) technology to create a lightweight non-contact TMR rotary position sensor that can measure through non-ferrous materials. Measurement through 40mm air gaps from sensor to target is achievable, as well as through plastics, aluminium or road debris. This is particularly useful where space and accessibility are at a premium, for example in automated industrial products, manufacturing robots and road / race vehicles.

Because Quantum 360™ is solid state there are no moving parts, which means it’s ideal for use in harsh environments where vibration, heat and liquids are present. Indeed, Quantum 360™ is fully-submersible. Offered in standard 12V and 5V variants, Quantum 360™ is also available in single and dual-redundant output formats.

Our non-contact position sensor works well in off-axis target magnet installations and provides significant advantages over alternative rotary sensing technologies. Our TMR sensor technology has been deployed successfully in the 2021 America’s Cup and is favoured by Formula 1® racing teams.

CC-105-01 Data Sheet CC-112-01 Q360 Single Channel 12V 150°C CC-105-01 Q360 Single Channel 5V 150°C CC-091-01 Set up guide 05-009-02 Magnet