Mil-Spec 360° Dual Channel Rotary Position Sensor

Mil-Spec 360° Dual Channel Rotary Position Sensor

A programmable, non-contact dual channel rotary position sensor that is well-suited for specialist applications that require ruggedised and robust instruments for integration within military ground vehicles. Fully sealed and IP69K rated for long-term environmental durability.

  • Solid-state, continuous rotational sensing
  • -40°C to +150°C operational temperature capability
  • 0 – 359 degrees of measurement sensing range
  • Rapid response rate of 5kHz
  • 12 bit Analogue VDC Output Resolution
  • Submersible with an IP69K rating
  • Rotary measurement through non-ferrous material
  • Dual redundant option
  • Designed to meet EMC tests


Mil-Spec 360° Dual Channel Rotary Position Sensor (IU-020-03)

Manufactured in the UK, the Mil-Spec 360° Dual Channel Rotary Position Sensor is built to last with a wide operational temperature capability of -40°C to +150°C. Designed to deliver powerful precision position measurement within military ground vehicles, the position instrument provides real-time component performance monitoring for reduced vehicle operational downtime in potential combat zones. With continuous measurement as standard, our sensors capture the position of the magnet target relative to the sensor in excess of 5,000 times per second.

Boasting advanced accuracies of ±0.5% of reading, the sensor is ideal for a wide variety of applications where independent multi-channel functionality is required. Integrated CPU’s located within the durable sensor housing create 2 x independent analogue voltage outputs for easy implementation into your project. Featuring heavy duty wiring, the robust, vibration-tolerant sensor is suitable for specialist applications that require an instrument with an IP rating of IP69K.

Engineered as an alternative to traditional potentiometer sensors, the instrument features excellent linearity across the 0° to 359° sensing range. The multichannel device is extremely accurate with sensitivities of up to 182mV per degree and provides multichannel redundancy for reliability and repeatability.

Delivering dependable data in demanding environments through Reventec’s Quantum TMR technology, the non-contact sensor is solid-state for reliability. The Tunnelling MagnetoResistance technology employed by the device has proven reliability across a number of position sensors over the last ten years and has been pushed to the extremes across the demanding environments of motorsport and off-highway vehicles.

Designed with flying lead as standard for direct integration within a vehicles wiring harness, additional options are available including integrated military specification D38999 connectors for simple plug and play installation. Harnessing Reventec’s expertise in specialist, highly-customised projects, all position sensors can be modified to your specifications through specific housing geometry and material, cable length and choice of connector.

Options include:

  • Variety of connector interfaces to choose from including D38999 mil-spec connectors.
  • Custom housing options to fit your application.
  • Analogue or CAN outputs without the need for external CPU processing.
  • Dual redundant and triple redundant options available.

Quantum TMR™ Programmable Sensors

The Mil-Spec 360° Dual Channel  Rotary Position sensor is a product from our Quantum TMR range of magnetic position sensors. Our Quantum TMR range offers powerful precision measurement of linear, angular and rotary component movement positioning through non-contact Tunnelling MagnetoResistive (TMR) technology whilst leveraging quantum physics equations. Legacy technologies can’t achieve this level of accuracy or reliability and all of our sensors are factory-calibrated to a user’s specifications. We can supply a free GUI, should customers wish to programme their sensors in the field.


The Mil-Spec 360° Dual Channel  Rotary Position Sensor is a rugged, reliable and precise non-contact position sensor ideal for the Defence, Off-Highway Vehicles, Industrial, Rail and Maritime industries.

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Defence Vehicle Health Sensors

The Mil-Spec 360° Dual Channel Rotary Position Sensor is a non-contact position sensor in our military product range, equipping ground vehicle and UAV manufacturers with real-time measurement of vital vehicle components. Discover how we help our customers to defend for longer in a variety of applications: