Reventec is a specialist engineering design consultancy based near Salisbury, UK.

Our design team develops capacitive liquid level sensors for fuel, oil, water and other liquids, as well as position and temperature sensing solutions. Our products provide highly-accurate data and are user-programmable via a simple GUI.

We produce a range of standard and customisable level sensor configurations, as well as offering fully-customised designs.

Our capacitive liquid level sensors offer high accuracy and long-term reliability in harsh environments. For that reason, our customers often operate at the cutting edge of motorsports, defence manufacturing, industrial automation and the automotive industry. They value our technical expertise but also our fast response times. We specialise in taking products from concept to production in quick time.

Reventec is set up specifically to provide design consultancy, prototyping and one-off or small-batch production runs. We can scale up production to 5000+ pieces, as required.

Mounting Format
Sensor Length
Output Format

LS100 Liquid Level Sensor

  • Mount: 1 Bolt
  • Length: 60-450mm

LS145 Liquid Level Sensor

  • Mount: 1 Bolt
  • Length: 450-700mm
2-bolt mounting sensor LS200-Liquid-Level-SensorLS200-Liquid-Level-Sensor2

LS200 Liquid Level Sensor

  • Mount: 2 Bolt
  • Length: 60-450mm

LS245 Liquid Level Sensor

  • Mount: 2 Bolt
  • Length: 450-700mm
3-hole mounting fluid level sensorLS300-Liquid-Level-Sensor3

LS300 Liquid Level Sensor

  • Mount: 3 Bolt
  • Length: 60-450mm

LS345 Liquid Level Sensor

  • Mount: 3 Bolt
  • Length: 450-700mm

LS500 Liquid Level Sensor

  • Mount: 5 Bolt (SAE)
  • Length: 60-450mm

LS545 Liquid Level Sensor

  • Mount: 5 Bolt (SAE)
  • Length: 450-700mm

LS570 Liquid Level Sensor

  • Mount: 5 Bolt (SAE)
  • Length: 700mm+
AN-10 Threaded Level SensorLS800-Liquid-Level-Sensor2

LS800 Liquid Level Sensor

  • Mount: AN-8 Threaded
  • Length: 60-450mm
LS845-AN-10 Liquid Level Sensor

LS845 Liquid Level Sensor

  • Mount: AN-8 Threaded
  • Length: 450-700mm
AN-10 Threaded Level SensorLS800-Liquid-Level-Sensor2

LS1000 Liquid Level Sensor

  • Mount: AN-10 Threaded
  • Length: 60-450mm
LS845-AN-10 Liquid Level Sensor

LS1045 Liquid Level Sensor

  • Mount: AN-10 Threaded
  • Length: 450-700mm

Rail Locomotive Oil Level Sensor

Custom liquid level sensors

Custom Liquid Level Sensors

  • Custom designed and manufactured to your requirements






Custom 4-bolt liquid level sensor








Liquid Level Sensors

Solid-state capacitive liquid level sensors for continuous measurement of fuel, oil, water and coolant. Built for high precision in harsh environments.

Liquid level sensors
  • Advanced Accuracy
    Capable of achieving ±0.5% of full scale at 20°C with higher specification models.
  • Designed for Durability
    Our robust, solid-state sensors are designed to operate efficiently and reliably in extreme environments. Lightweight or rugged options available.
  • Engineering Excellence
    Our team of electronic and mechanical engineers are on hand to develop custom liquid level sensing solutions calibrated to your liquid.


Accuracy ±0.5%
Operating Temperature -55°C to +150°C
Supply Voltage +6 – +30 VDC
Mounting Options Multiple available
Configurable Length 60 – 700mm
Outputs Analog, CAN, Analog & CAN

Mil-Std EMC Certified

Vibration Tolerant

Ingress Protection up to IP69K

Insensitive to Orientation

Made in
the UK

CE & UKCA Compliant


Choose from full custom development,
semi-custom or a sensor from our core range.

Core range

Our standard products with a short lead time.


Our core range with your choice of mounting arrangements, cable length and connector type.

Fully customised

Our full custom sensors range from bespoke mounting configurations to complete development in a custom shape, material and size.

Technology Overview

Discover what capacitive liquid level sensing is and how we harness this technology across our range of fuel, oil, water and coolant liquid level sensors.

How we use Capacitive Liquid Level sensing in our sensors?

  • Capacitive Liquid Level sensors are used extensively for continuous, accurate measurement of a contained liquid. This technology is compatible with a wide variety of liquid types including fuel, oil, water and coolant.


  • The sensor can be positioned in any rotation, even upside down, and measure accurately.
  • There are no moving parts that may degrade over time or require regular maintenance.
  • This technology boasts continuous accurate measurement to capture the complete liquid level data uninterrupted.
Application Expertise

Our mission is to engineer sensor solutions that solve our customers measurement challenges. We have experience in a variety of applications over the last few decades and are well-equipped to offer innovative highly-customised, bespoke sensors and off-the-shelf products. Explore how we develop our sensors for each application and view our current product ranges.


Capacitive Liquid Level Sensors

Engineered for accurate measurement to keep your equipment performing.

  1. Solid-state continuous sensor for reliability.
  2. Analogue 0-5V and CAN outputs available.
  3. Carbon-fibre outer layer for accuracy in high vibration and extreme operating conditions. Also available in other rugged materials including stainless steel and anodised aluminium.
  4. Available in 1-, 2-, 3-, 5-bolt, AN-8, AN-10 threaded or bespoke mounting formats.

What mounting arrangements are available?

Our standard options are; 1-bolt, 2-bolt, 3-bolt, 5-bolt SAE, AN-8 threaded (9/16UNF) and AN-10 (3/4UNF). However, if these do not fit your requirements, please contact one of our engineers to discuss our wide range of custom flange arrangements.

What is the IP rating of the sensor?

As standard, the sensors have been designed for IP67, however we have customised solutions for up to IP69X.

Is the cable length configurable?

Yes. All of our sensors are made to order in-house so we manufacture the cable length to the customers specification.

What does a typical sensor weigh?

Nominal weight for a 300mm sensor is <100g, including cable.

What is a typical lead time for a standard sensor manufactured to a specific length?

Typical lead times for our standard products are 2 – 3 weeks, however we can offer expedited manufacture if required. Please talk to a Reventec sales representative for more information.

Fluid Compatibility

Reventec sensors are compatible with all common automotive, heavy machinery and industrial fluids.

Proven Precision

Read our latest case studies to discover how we provide sensor solutions for our customers to meet their business objectives.